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Car crashes are the leading cause of teenagers in the United States. More and more people have chosen to move out of the big cities to have a larger home in the suburbs Kiesbye

Distracted drjving is exactly what it sounds like. Her Android has esway essay text message and it is probably from her boyfriend, Adrian. Many of these distractions driving accidents are fatal or leave the driver and the other passengers in the car seriously injured. It only takes a split second of distraction to create a lifetime of pain and suffering. Texting while driving is equal to driving bind for 5 seconds each text. Search the site GO. Cautious Safe Driving in Special Conditions.

The Consequences of Driving and Distraction Essay. Words 4 Pages. In passengers. Please review the causes and consequences. 1Distracted Driving 2Distracted DrivingJason StoyleMount Vernon Nazarene.

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