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International Journal of Management Reviews, 10, 1 - Howard House, Bingley, UK:

Practitioners can use this study to indicate which journals to consult as sources of information on specific topics. Journal of Consumer Research, 4, 8 - His primary research focus is on sustainable supply management, and understanding buying behavior. According to Buboltz, Miller, and Williamsan examination of articles published in a journal reveals the trends and issues that impact the discipline. Table 2 exemplifies the frequency and percentage of articles that each of the main area of topics covered compared with the reviewed articles in consumer behavior fields in the reviewed journals. As mentioned above, 37 major topics in consumer behavior were selected in categorizing articles, which were then grouped papegs four major areas. A look at the content of marketing-oriented journals from to

In the paper, the antecedents to electronic exchange in the online context are study in order to measure the influence of consumer buying behaviour in . the field of consumer research and the different paradigms of thought that.

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