Is homework harmful or helpful doing my assignment

November 17, at 1: Home work has long lasting results including to help you on finals in school.

Thanks for taking the time to participate in our discussion. Sep 03, 2: I think all kids agree that homework sucks!! Parental involvement should be limited to facilitating the completion of homework — not teaching content or doing the work for a child. Helps You study, keeps you refreshed, helps you know more, helps you learn more, home work makes sure you do not forget what you learned in school that day. Latest Saskatoon News Headlines. The most important thing about teachers giving homework, is that harmgul helps you so much on standardized tests.

as maths. Harmful because so many hours have been spent at school. kids and parents taking opposing sides. Policies differ among schools and. homework and whether or not it's healthy or detrimental to a child's.

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